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Fickle Friends won a competition to perform at The Big Feastival in 2013, a Jamie Oliver food and music festival and since that moment they’ve been on the track to take over the world with their infectious songs.

In 2014 they dropped their song “Swim” which still feels as fresh as ever, and after a slew of singles they’ve finally dropped their debut album You Are Someone Else. A stunning work comprised of 16 tracks of some of the most shimmery pop you’ve ever heard. They take the boldness of Paramore and pair it with the unadulterated joy of Carly Rae Jepsen and the energy of Misterwives. Fickle Friends is fronted by Natti Shiner’s clear, sweet vocals, and backed by Harry Herrington (bass, vocals), Chris Hall (guitar), Sam Morris (drums) and Jack Wilson (keyboard).

Fickle Friends

They start off with the effervescent “Wake Me Up,” a synthy track that starts off strong. With the previously released single “Glue” they solidify their hold on ear-wormy pop songs. In “Bite,” “Lovesick,” and “Hello Hello” we get a taste of their upbeat disco influences but even on their danciest tracks, they keep the lyrics relevant to the struggles of adolescence.

“Hard To Be Myself” covers the feelings of being anxious at a party and that unshakeable nervous feeling often cured by alcohol. “Rotation” details toxic friendships and people that use you over and over again. “She” is a poetic standout, the song talks about the end of a relationship then the moment when you find out they’re seeing someone new. Natti sings, “Always late, a leaf with no stalk. No waiting in empty bars. And you're someone's absolute excuse. And she doesn't know.”

Fickle Friends

“Midnight” is a song of yearning. The first verse just hits you, “How can you get me wrong when I'm so easy? You'll run me out like time. Still, I'm hoping you won't mind if I go. I just don't know if I am doing better...Or for worse.” We’ve all been there, wanting that text back late at night and feeling like, “Twenty-something in fancy red now. And I, and I, and I'm giving in.”

It’s that kind of emotional honesty that keeps the saccharine songs grounded. You can dance to all of them but still feel like there is substance. Honest-pop at it’s finest. It’s hard to find a dull moment in the ambitious debut and it makes the perfect soundtrack for summer days and late nights.

- Emily Treadgold, The New Nine

The New Nine

Emily Treadgold is the Editor-In-Chief of The New Nine, a music destination for young women. She is fiercely feminist and is most at home at festivals and concerts. When she’s not at a concert she can be found playing Kanye West songs on the pianoFollow her on Twitter and Instagram at @etreadgold.

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