Guns N' Roses In 2018

It’s a surprise to say it, but in 2018 the idea of new material from Guns N’ Roses doesn’t sound so strange. While the band has endured for decades thanks to various substitute members and a fairly consistent energy for live shows, it’s in the midst of its most spirited revival to date. This is thanks to the surprise reunion specifically between frontman Axl Rose and legendary guitarist Slash, who had previously indicated they’d probably never play together again. From early 2016 forward, however, Guns N’ Roses has begun to seem more like a newly emerging hit act than a relic of the end of the classic rock era.

Before they even reunited onstage, Guns N’ Roses made the unexpected step of releasing a game to the internet. They secured the help of NetEnt, an experienced developer in the slot sector, to get the job done, adding to a holy trinity of rock slots (alongside Jimi Hendrix- and Motorhead-based games). This was by no means a direct signal of a reunion, nor did it introduce new material. But by playing some of the band’s hits to a huge audience of players, it did seem to announce indirectly that the band was up to something.

After a few more months the band (with Axl Rose and Slash both playing) was back in action on some of the biggest stages in the world. And after two years, the tour (called “Not In This Lifetime” in reference to Axl Rose’s previous opinions on whether the original members would play together again) has become one of the biggest of all time. So, as stated, the idea of new excitement from this particular “old” band has become almost expected.

Thus, it won’t surprise many to learn that there’s some growing buzz about new material coming potentially in 2018. Though guitarist Richard Fortus says they haven’t started anything in terms of formally arranging an album, the band has been open about having started writing new music. Typically we’d take that as the very earliest sign of an album coming to fruition, and it may be just that. But Guns N’ Roses has been moving at an incredibly rapid and energetic pace for what is now a two-year comeback process, so it’s definitely an album to keep an eye out for. Don’t be surprised if we reach the midpoint of 2018 and hear that the group has (somehow, in between tour dates) been back in the recording studio.

We can’t announce the album just yet – but we can definitely announce the expectation of it.

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