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Tkay Maidza // Tkay

Tkay Maidza // Tkay

The genre of hip-hop is occasionally seen as something that has been milked for everything it’s worth. What more could possibly be brought to the table at this point? Many artists look towards the past and build on the ideas and fashions that have been stale for over a decade, remaking the same songs over and over in an attempt to reclaim nostalgia. Tkay Maidza uses her unique blend of swirling wordplay, playful confidence, and staunch individuality to ultimately set herself apart from everyone else. Her debut album, Tkay, perfectly exemplifies what she's capable of.

At the mere age of 21, Tkay has already created a very respectable name for herself. In 2015, she was named Rolling Stone Australia's Best New Artist with only a five track EP, Switch Tape, and a couple of singles under her belt. Tkay has a beautiful voice when she sings, and an assertive signature style when she raps, creating an all-encompassing sound as she alternates between her two undeniable talents.

Tkay Maidza

All over Tkay we see that a mesh of styles can coexist in the same song. Layered with infectious beats, it's truly unique to see a perfect blend of styles truly defying typical song structure. Always Been kicks the album off with a danceable beat and a lightning fast flow, both combined with her hyper, confrontational style that drips with confidence and vigor. Her personality permeates the album, and with only one contribution on the record by Killer Mike, via Carry On, Tkay proves she can hold her own and keep up with some of the best in the game, performing completely independently yet symbiotically between one another. Each track in between and after sneers back at the listener with layers of playfulness crossed with cockiness.

Tkay Maidza

Many new artists tend to play it safe for their debut in order to avoid a scatterbrained mess. However, Tkay dips her feet and spreads her wings to a myriad of different styles, and flourishes for it. She never seems incapable of anything and in a time where people are quick to dismiss anything new and unfamiliar, Tkay proves that whatever style she dabbles in, she excels.

- Richard Murray, POW! Magazine

This review was written by Richard Murray, of POW! Magazine. POW! Magazine supports D.I.Y. San Francisco Bay Area music and many current genres and styles throughout the world. Get the full scoop, here: POW! Magazine.

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