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DreamVacation’s goals as a band are pure and invigorating: write the most sincere and authentic music possible, make a connection with the listener, and spread kindness in the process. This shows up clearly in their music, which immediately sweeps you away with an atmospheric and melodic power. Having recently played LA’s famed Viper Room and dropped a new self-titled EP, DreamVacation is a poised band producing music that is so visual, all you need to do is close your eyes to be transported.

DreamVacation is not new to scene. This foursome began their musical journey as Atlantic Line, where they successfully supported Foster the People and Matt & Kim at the famed South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in 2011. This included walking the red carpet at the MTV Woodie Awards, playing beer pong with Yelawolf, and performing to capacity crowds. Unfortunately, Atlantic Line was unable to effectively build on its success and dissolved quickly with the unplanned departure of their guitarist, also a fellow founding member.

Remaining members Gerry Matthews (bass), Noah Alexander (drums), and Ray Silva (vocalist) had a solid connection but had to relearn how to write as a group. They also wanted to refine their sound. “We knew we had a solid connection and that we wanted to keep going but wanted to create music that was a little more accessible.” The process was arduous and the band worked through the new dynamic as a threesome for nearly three years, playing a few shows here and there. To help round out the desire for a more expansive and rich sound, the band added guitarist Morgan Terrinoni. This was the missing puzzle piece that allowed the band to fully rise out of the ashes of Atlantic Line as a reinvigorated DreamVacation, finding that vaster musical expanse in the process.

Dream Vacation

The band had the good timing and fortune of connecting with famed sound engineer John Rausch (a personal friend of Noah), who has worked on projects with such powerhouses as Pink, Taylor Swift, Josh Groban, Colbie Caillat, Gavin Degraw, and Alex Clair. After some discussion, it was mutually decided that John would produce the new songs. This was an excellent match as the band loves to work through friends/connections of friends as it “brings with it a feeling of kismet that makes the recording process more comfortable. Ideally that comfort and warmth translates into the outcome of the process.” The result: the release of a stunning debut self-titled EP at the end of 2015.

Citing sweeping musical influences such as David Bowie, Fugazi, Gang of Four, The Cure, Radiohead, and Band of Horses, together with John, DreamVacation created four brooding, atmospheric, and melodic tracks. These are densely layered guitar driven songs with a hard edge yet exude absolute emotion. The second track Press Play really allows you to sink into the band's niche sound, which comes off much like a well-crafted Interpol song. The song starts with a solo haunting guitar that sets the mood but is quickly accentuated by solid base and drums. The other three songs, Window Room, End of Time and Red Water combine many of these similar characteristics, but each hold up individually on their own melding elements of sweeping guitars and choruses while maintaining an immersive and melodic feel.

Aside from riding some immediate success of the EP release by playing The Viper Room several times in the last few months, DreamVacation is excited about returning to the studio to record more tracks. According to the band, “our sound is still evolving and our goal is to keep everything as real time as possible. That way, as individuals and as a group, we are closer personally and emotionally to where our latest releases are musically.” We anticipate that the reinvigorated DreamVacation will continue creating authentic music, expanding their sound and writing atmospheric music that carries you away, connecting with listeners and spreading kindness in the process.

Give their EP, Dream Vacation, a Listen:

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