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Based out of Brooklyn, New York, and named after Prince George's County in Maryland, Prinze George is an indie pop electro band on the rise. Comprised of Naomi Almquist (vocals), Kenny Grimm (production / instrumentals) and Isabelle De Leon (drums), Prinze George makes swoon worthy synth pop of the future.

Having already released an impressive self-titled EP, Prinze George is at it again, with a new song and music video to accompany. Check out Speed Demon and then see our interview discussing the band's inspiration, working with Eshovo, and their next big plans.

// Speed Demon //

[ Prinze George ft. ESHOVO ]

[ Vinylmnky + Prinze George Exclusive Interview ]



[ Vinylmnky ]: First off, thanks for taking the time. We have fallen for this song. What was the motivation behind the songwriting/development of Speed Demon?

[ Naomi ]: “Speed Demon” is a song about some friends of mine who continue to drive their bodies into the ground like they did when we were teenagers. Often, living fast is associated with being young, but as we’re growing up I am realizing that some people might never grow out of risk seeking behaviors no matter how much love and support they have around them. I grew up with a pretty rowdy group of guys who would just do the craziest shit when we were in high school. They’d invent sports (one of said sports put one of them in the hospital) they’d fight each other, electrocute themselves, jump off rooftops, drugs, you name it. They were so wild, especially together, and some of them have grown up and some of them are stuck. It was like growing up with ‘Jackass’. As you can imagine, that provided some pretty great material for the song.

[ Vinylmnky ]: That makes complete sense. 

[ Vinylmnky ]: Both the song and the video for Speed Demon are incredibly captivating. Can you elaborate on the process of translating the theme of Speed Demon to video?

[ Naomi ]: The film experience was a blast. We were wandering around  ‘Dave & Buster’s’ the day after we had played Firefly Music Festival and they had a game called ‘Speed Demon’. The idea just revealed itself to us. We wanted to give it a lightness visually because the song is a little dark, so we dressed up like we’d come from an office event; attempting to re-experience the childlike joys of being in an arcade. We didn’t know if they were going to kick us out but we showed up with a couple cameras, ordered beers and tokens; and started shooting. They didn’t give a shit.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Wow. How about the songwriting?

[ Naomi ]: We actually wrote the song in LA, during a week of co-writes a year and a half ago. This guy Dillon Pace laid down the drums/drum sounds, Kenny laid down the instrumentals, and I wrote the first verse and the chorus and laid those down in the studio. The second verse I wrote when we were back in NYC, and then we finished everything in Maryland. It was a pretty long process.

[ Vinylmnky ]: It was well worth the time. So Speed Demon is actually a collaboration with Eshovo. Both you and Eshovo have been on our radar for a while, what's it like collaborating with Eshovo?

[ Naomi ]: Eshovo is an old friend of ours from PG County. We've been fans of his for a long time and the three of us have been collaborating for years, but had never recorded anything. We sent him ‘Speed Demon’ because we thought he’d be a great fit and we loved what he came up with. He totally understood the song and honored the initial vision, but added his own flavor. He’s a lot of fun to work with; very particular, very deliberate. We will definitely be releasing more together in the future.

[ Vinylmnky ]: After listening to this track, that's exciting to hear! So, finally, What can new and existing fans of Prinze George expect from the upcoming album?

[ Naomi ]: Our first full length album is in mastering right now, after about a year of trying to get the songs and the mixes right. We are very excited to share it, its still us but I think our songwriting and the production have just gotten a lot more interesting. The subject matter is darker overall, but there are bright moments too. It's been quite a year. It's definitely not as sunny as our EP was.

[ Vinylmnky ]: We can't wait. Thanks again to Naomi for taking the time! Tribe! Be on the lookout for Prinze George!

// Get Social with Prinze George //

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