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There's a new duo out of Denmark that has us dancing! Blondage, made up of Esben Andersen & Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, formerly of the group Rangleklods, delivers straight to the point contemporary pop that sticks. 

Vinylmnky was lucky enough to get to chat with the duo about their self-titled debut EP, "Blondage".  Check it out, below.

[ Vinylmnky ]: How and when did the two of you first meet, and how did the relationship culminate into making music?

[ Blondage ]: We met about 10 years ago while studying. We weren't friends immediately. Honestly, Pernille thought I was pretty annoying - which looking back was true. We did a couple of songs together with a bunch of other friends, but it was about five years after initially meeting that we started writing together. Before that, Pernille was always my go to person for critiques on songs I wrote. Her taste is pretty impeccable. Although we've worked together for a long time now, it seems the way we collaborate evolves on a daily basis. Pernille is way more in control now and I love that. It means we write faster and easier and have a better time in general. - Esben

[ Vinylmnky ]: What was the thought process behind changing the band’s name from Rangleklods to Blondage?  Is Blondage truly a separate identity from Rangleklods, or simply a name change?

[ Blondage ]: We definitely see Blondage as a completely separate thing from Rangleklods. We've changed the way we work dramatically. And the music has changed a lot too. A lot of the fat has been cut off. Blondage songs are shorter, faster, full of hooks and we've let go of the melancholic feeling that soared through our previous music. We're done with that by now. We collaborate with way more people now and that has influenced us a lot as well. The hermit way of being a musician became too depressive for us. Now we want to write great fucking songs and have a blast while doing so. - Pernille


[ Vinylmnky ]: Your branding is very solid and something we at Vinylmnky took note of right away.  Was the branding and aesthetic of Blondage organic or something that you were consciously developing?

[ Blondage ]: It felt very organic. In our day to day life we are versions of the faces we represent in Blondage. Pernille in particular has an eye for what works visually since she paints and draws when she's got the time. Pictures and videos can extend and amplify the universe the music represents and we've always been looking for ways of doing that in the right way. - Esben

[ Vinylmnky ]: We are always fascinated how artists create their music. Can you describe the writing/producing process for you guys?

[ Blondage ]: The beat is often, although not always, the first thing. The space between hits, the swing, the tempo is something we spend loads of time perfecting. Esben is constantly hunting for new sounds. Recording weird stuff, trawling through unseen videos on YouTube and manipulating them into something completely different. If he's working on a synth sound, I've learned to go do something else for half an hour at least, 'cause you can't make contact with the guy. He's lost in frequencies. So the sound is very important to the composition. And producing and writing go hand in hand. - Pernille

[ Vinylmnky ]: What has been the biggest challenge as a band so far?

[ Blondage ]: I'd say believing in ourselves. We're both prone to not being satisfied with our work. We've changed that big time this past year, and by now we're way better at focusing on the good sides. We've found that the songs get better. You trust your instincts more. And often the first decision is the right one. - Esben


[ Vinylmnky ]: What has been the most rewarding experience as a group so far?

[ Blondage ]: We've played so many intense live shows where we've become one with the audience. That is the best feeling. You give them your songs and they give back their hearts. It's pretty indescribable if you haven't been on stage and tried it. - Pernille

[ Vinylmnky ]: That's incredible. Where has been your absolute favorite place to play or show you've played?

[ Blondage ]: You never know before the concert starts. It has nothing to do with the size of the audience, that's for sure. Last year we played a pretty small festival in Denmark, and something magical happened. Rain had poured down the entire day. It was midnight and no one wanted to go to back to a drenched tent. So there was an agreement instantly between us that we'd all forget about the fucked up things in life and just have an amazing time for an hour. That's our favorite kind of show. The exact same thing happened in Czech Republic this summer and the German Apple Tree Garden about two years ago. - Pernille

[ Vinylmnky ]: We are very excited to see what you guys do in the near future. What is next for Blondage?

[ Blondage ]: Our first EP just came out in September. We're already pretty far with our next release. In a couple of weeks we're going to LA to write and produce. A lot of collaborations. More videos. And we're planning on releasing music in short intervals. - Esben

[ Vinylmnky ]: That's so exciting and we're really looking forward to that release! What are your touring plans to support it? Any chance your fans will get to see you in the US?

[ Blondage ]: In time we'll play the US. It's not the easiest leap, though. Just the logistics and cost of playing in America is so high. But we have to! And hopefully it could already be this spring. Until then, we're playing all around Europe in December. - Esben

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