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New Artist Exclusive Interview // Silver Rose

Silver Rose makes dream pop music that features honest lyrics, sultry vocals, and cascading guitars. The musical collective, formed by acclaimed singer/songwriter Carla Sariñana (co-founder and bass player of the Mexican Rock band Ruido Rosa), specializes in creating heartfelt love songs that take you on a melancholy/nostalgic journey. We caught up with Silver Rose to discuss their recent success and what’s in store for 2017.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Congratulations on releasing the Silver Rose EP. Coming from the band, Ruido Rosa, you moved from much harder driven song structure and supporting bands like KISS and Queens of the Stone Age, to “a fusion of shoegaze, dream pop, and other ecstatic gems” (Clash Music). Tell us how this transformation took place.

[ Silver Rose ]: I was listening to a lot of psychedelic and shoegaze and really identified personally with the genre. I knew I wanted to play something similar to that, it was like a side of myself I didn´t realize I had. I wanted to write and compose songs without really having to depend on other people to finish the idea. So, I got into vocal and guitar lessons, to get the basics down and just started working and getting my ideas out there. I never really thought anything would come out of it, but once I uploaded some demos to Soundcloud I got contacted by several people wanting to listen to more. It all came together.

[ Vinylmnky ]: With the emphasis on shimmering guitars and heartfelt lyrics, the mood of the EP is very sentimental and pensive. We love the dreamlike journey these songs take you on. What inspired this?

[ Silver Rose ]: I was very influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, and The Black Ryder while composing the songs. I also think the fact that I was living in L.A really influenced my writing. I was also having a long distance relationship - so that maybe had a lot to do with some lyrics as well.

Take Me Home

[ Vinylmnky ]:  Can you tell us about the writing process for the EP and how it was different from writing with Ruido Rosa?

[ Silver Rose ]: In Ruido Rosa we all put in our own ideas, its a collaboration 100%. With Silver Rose it was me doing all of it by myself. I later got together with Cesar Saez, Edward Patrick, Steve Mungarro, and Javier Blake to finish some details production wise, but I lay down the whole idea of the song. It takes me a while, sometimes I can get a song a day, sometimes I can take a few weeks to finish it. But once I´m happy with what I have, its the best feeling ever. You are your worst critic sometimes.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Did the Los Angeles music scene influence your sound? If so, how?

[ Silver Rose ]: Yes of course! I think the fact that there is always somebody playing and everybody is doing something creative really is inspiring. I was also inspired by the whole L.A / California vibe, the people, the weather, the colors, everything. I love L.A, those were probably some of the happiest months of my life.

Silver Rose

[ Vinylmnky ]: What are your thoughts on the resurgence of vinyl as the best listening medium and how immersive, social, and artistic listening to music on vinyl is?

[ Silver Rose ]: I love vinyl, I´m so glad any type of physical format of music is coming back up. I buy everything I love on vinyl, so I encourage anybody to do the same. Its taking people back to that physical connection with music, when you buy that piece, get excited and know how much you´ll enjoy it.

Silver Rose

[ Vinylmnky ]: You are gearing up for Ruido Fest (3-day Latin Alternative Music Festival in Chicago) in July. This is very exciting, what else are looking forward to in 2017?

[ Silver Rose ]: Yes! I´m very excited. I have a few upcoming shows in Mexico that are also very good, any excuse to play is always exciting for me. I´m also putting out a video for a single called Noches and I´m working on new demos for the next Silver Rose album. That excites me the most.

[ Vinylmnky ]: We're looking forward to it! Keep crushin' it.

Listen to the Silver Rose EP:

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