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Rein is the brainchild of Joanna Reinikainen, who exudes an eruption of tough ass attitude and aggression. Hailing from Sweden, Rein uses sounds of high-powered punk, dance, electro, Hip-Hop, and more to deliver messages containing very personal as well as political and social messages. With the release of her latest EP entitled Freedoom, Rein is here to do more than just make you dance, she is here to motivate you to stand up for change. We talked to here to dive more into what exactly that means.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Congratulations on the release of Freedoom! Can you tell us how Rein came to be?

[ Rein ]: Thank you, I´m very proud of it. I started to make electronic music when I was 13. I have worked a lot in REASON and I generally always start there by building a beat. In 2015, when I was 24, I finally decided I wanted to give this a try and since then it´s been mayhem.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Tell us about what goes into your musical process (do you start with a beat, hook, message, etc.)?

[ Rein ]: Yes, I start by building a beat and then I really want to find the right lyrics and message to go with it. If there´s not anything important to say I am not interested in putting it out.


[ Vinylmnky ]: You grew up in Sweden. When did music start to become a passion for you? What/who are your influences?

[ Rein ]: I have always been very into music. I grew up in a family that is in the business totally so this was going to be it for me eventually too haha. I have lots of influences. Everything from old punk bands to hard electronic music.

[ Vinylmnky ]: A quote we came across said, "This is Rein; young, unsatisfied and ready to kick some ass." Given this, what are some of the things you are most unsatisfied with? What has helped shape your voice/message?

[ Rein ]: Well, there are quite a lot of things to be upset about out there. Don't you think? I am not satisfied with the monetary system and the illusion of democracy system as you probably can hear from the EP. I am also not happy with old white guys dictating how things are and should stay. I´d like to see myself as part of a change. Especially for the freedom of women in expression bringing up important subjects of today.


[ Vinylmnky ]: Noticing that you recently started the Freedoom summer tour, are there any memorable experiences so far and/or what you are most looking forward too?

[ Rein ]: I am very happy to do this tour with two awesome drummers, Emelie Sjostrom & Josefine Lyzwinski, they really add something extra. I am also having projections that look really cool.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Tell us about the live REIN experience. What can we expect at a Rein show?

[ Rein ]: A lot of energy, a lot of power, a lot of heavy bass-lines.

Until you can see Rein live, discover her music and connect, here.


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