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// Islands Music Video Premiere and Artist Interview with Rynn

Rynn may be a new, emerging artist - but she's been on the Vinylmnky radar for quite a while. We first interviewed Rynn before her first EP Nightfires dropped, and since then, Rynn's lead track Islands has over 5 million Spotify listens. She's now released the official video for Islands and we made sure to talk to Rynn about the video. Find out the inside scoop and check out the video, below.

[ Vinylmnky ]: With Islands, what is the primary message you're trying to convey?

[ Rynn ]: I remember the specific moment I started writing Islands. I sat down at the keyboard in my bedroom late one night and immediately sung the line which became the end of the chorus, “when the waves get rough, will you be here when I wake up?” In that moment, I remember taking a step back, evaluating one of the relationships in my life that should’ve meant the most, and wondering if it actually meant anything at all. I realized that even though I had been acting like I was fine, I actually felt really alone, and like I was emotionally drowning inside, even though the other person was physically still standing by me. Sometimes it’s easy to get in a comfortable place and not realize how far things have gotten from where you want to be. Overall, the primary message is about asking for the love you need.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Having completed your first music video (congrats!) can you talk about the process of creating a visual representation of Islands?

[ Rynn ]: Since the song’s called Islands, it only felt right to use the ocean as one of the main visual. An island is off on it’s own, alone in the middle of the ocean, and the song is about feeling alone within a relationship. (Also, we shot the music video in early February and I was definitely alone in that ocean because the water was so freezing!!)

[ Vinylmnky ]: Can you elaborate on the imagery we see in the video and the direction you took?

[ Rynn ]: The two main scenes of the video are the desert and the ocean. The desert represents a time in a relationship were you’re still with someone, but inwardly things feel desolate and barren. The ocean represents the inward emotional journey one takes while figuring out where the relationships stands. The video captures the process of juxtaposing being with someone and going through the motions like things are fine, while inwardly you feel like you’re drowning. I’ve always said that when someone listens to my music, I want it to feel like they are ending into a dream like world; I wanted the music video to also capture this idea. I used lots of after effects and pastel coloring to help take the video in a etherial direction and I wanted the viewer to be able to watch any clip of the video, without necessarily having have seen the while story line, and still be pulled into the atmosphere of it.

// Islands


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