Yeo // A Vinylmnky Breakthrough Artist Follow Up

Last year, Vinylmnky was extremely proud to host Yeo as our May 2016 Breakthrough Record of the Month. We caught up with Yeo, for a bit of a follow up and what's next. Check it.

[ Vinylmnky ]: It’s been almost nine months since we’ve featured Ganbaru as our Breakthrough Record of the Month, and a year since our first interview (Defining Ganbaru and Pushing Forward with Yeo)! What’s your year looked like?

[ Yeo ]: Shortly after the honour of BROTM, we were asked to do Triple J's Like A Version, which is kind of like a 1-cover & 1-original Aussie version of KEXP or Daytrotter. It really put us on the map here in Australia last year. I've been busy working for other artists since Ganbaru got me some attention as a producer. I managed to take a month holiday to South Korea and Japan where I ended up shooting a video for a single called Frost that we released late 2016. Big picture: our cash flow has grown, our live show has improved, and I'm now working on the next album.


[ Vinylmnky ]: Can you elaborate about your experience with the Vinylmnky Tribe?

[ Yeo ]: Travis and Nick showed a very unique enthusiasm from the beginning and I have no doubt that they are the same with their whole tribe. They don't seem to care about the size of your following or how successful you are. They just want to stand behind quality music and get it out to their subscribers with minimal fuss.

[ Vinylmnky ]: What was your favorite part about the experience?

[ Yeo ]: Going to bed knowing that a whole bunch of people on the other side of the globe would wake up with my record in their mailbox. And the Twitter AMA!

Yeo 2

[ Vinylmnky ]: Were there any direct effects you felt by being part of our 2016 Breakthrough Artists?

[ Yeo ]: We noticed a surge in listens and social media engagement from the US. It's always welcome as we do hope to tour there one day.

[ Vinylmnky ]: What artists do you hope to see breaking through this year?

[ Yeo ]: My friends' bands Take Your Time and SAATSUMA supported me on a small tour last year. They're already moving at a monstrous pace. I hope they crack the egg this year! You should check them out...

[ Vinylmnky ]: So this new album – what kinds of sounds and styles can your fans expect?

[ Yeo ]: The new album is darker and more emotional, and the production delves further into pop and R&B. It's more lyrically driven. My voice isn't as hidden as it is on Ganbaru. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing but being my 6th record, I think this transparency has been a long time coming.

[ Vinylmnky ]: Have you had any time to get back on top of a carpark with a 40oz?

[ Yeo ]: No trespassing since we last spoke! Been doing a lot of (legal) hiking and bush-walking instead, which is more like nature's car-park. A 40oz after a long day trekking always goes down a treat if you're gazing at beautiful landscapes. Speaking of which, I gotta get to Texas so I can see some real shit.

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