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070 Shake // Modus Vivendi (Orange/White Vinyl)

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2 LP Orange Vinyl. Modus Vivendi - a Latin phrase used to reference a way of life in which two opposing parties can coexist peacefully. Art has always been Shake's way of life, whether writing poetry as an outlet for depression or crafting playful rhymes about her teammates on bus rides to high school basketball games. "It was an escape for me with all of the frustrations and voices that were going on in my head. I've always felt that I had to do something with these words."

Release Date:  8/21/2020

Track Listing
  1. Don't Break the Silence
  2. Come Around
  3. Morrow
  4. The Pines
  5. Guilty Conscience
  6. Divorce
  7. It's Forever
  8. Rocketship
  9. Microdosing
  10. Nice To Have
  11. Under the Moon
  12. Daydreamin
  13. Terminal B
  14. Flight319

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