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Best Coast // California Nights

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If there’s anything people know about Beth Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, aka Best Coast – it’s their affinity for California. The band’s debut and two subsequent albums, are lo-fi love letters to the golden state; laced with fuzzy, ragged, garage sounds that the band has become synonymous with - and have been attempting to shed for a while.

California Nights is the coming of age we’ve all been waiting (and hoping) for. It’s doubled down on the distilled West Coast dream with simple and sticky lyrics within heartbreak ballads and the signature anthemic hooks (see Feeling Ok) and varied guitar work confidently delivered by Cosentino and Bruno. The album pulls with a mature emotional gravity and pushes further away from the previously recurring themes of abject hopelessness and adolescent-like issues. The coastal band’s thematic tides are changing, but Cosentino’s lyrics remain the constant conversations with herself - infused with developed introspection about purpose, love, letting go, and expansion. The hazy, dreamlike California styled tracks transport us miles away to get a panoramic and full view of the light and dark sides of the gilded Los Angeles. This is Best Coast’s tipping point. The point where they’re no longer acknowledged as the “lo-fi garage” band, but the sleek mainstream indie rock band they’ve had their eyes set on this entire time.


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Black LP


- Track List -
Side A: Feeling OK - Fine Without You - Heaven Sent - In My Eyes - So Unaware - When Will I Change
Side B: California Nights - Fading Fast - Run Through My Head - Jealousy - Sleep Won't Ever Come - Wasted Time


Release Date: May 5, 2015
Record Label: Harvest