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Celine Dion// Courage

Columbia Records

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Double 140gm translucent ruby red-colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes 16-page insert. Courage is the highly anticipated 2019 album from global superstar Celine Dion. "Imperfections," "Lying Down" and "Courage" are new tracks from the eclectic album, each representing an exciting new creative direction for Celine. 

Release Date:  2/14/2020

Track Listing
  1. Flying on My Own

  2. Lovers Never Die

  3. Falling in Love Again

  4. Lying Down

  5. Courage

  6. Imperfections

  7. Change My Mind

  8. Say Yes

  9. Nobody's Watching

  10. The Chase

  11. For the Lover That I Lost

  12. Baby

  13. I Will Be Stronger

  14. How Did You Get Here

  15. Look at Us Now

  16. Perfect Goodbye

Category: Album, Celine Dion, Pop

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