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JP Saxe // Dangerous Levels of Introspection


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Chances are you may have heard of JP Saxe, but might not know it. It’s likely through the Finneas produced “If the World Was Ending”, the duet with his now-girlfriend, Julia Michaels. It is a streaming juggernaut, with literally hundreds of millions of streams. Almost two years later, Saxe breaks off into his own spotlight with his debut album, Dangerous Levels of Introspection.

Saxe, Toronto-born, Los-Angeles based has crafted an album of on-point ballads and mid-tempo numbers built on piano or acoustic guitar.  The lead single “A Little Bit Yours” fits the mold as a building piano ballad. It is the perfect piece to find itself on a playlist to play on a warm summer evening. 

Other tracks Saxe finds a little help from his friends, including the tender guitar-backed “Line by Line” featuring megastar Maren Morris. Morris lends her ethereal backing vocals before taking a verse of her own. It’s a great conversation ballad and not only is a great showcase for Saxe but a standout track in Morris’s already impressive catalogue. 

“Like That” stands out from the pack. It starts quiet, a little pensive, and begins a slow build to a shining chorus where Saxe sings about a sort of love that he’s never experienced. It feels like something you’d hear soundtracking a coming-of-age love story.

Dangerous Levels of Introspection is unique in the sense that it’s a showcase for an artist who has already experienced some success. These songs are good - it’s an easy-breezy listen, but it’s a tantalizing look at an artist who is just coming into the full potential of his abilities.

- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media


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Black LP

- Track List -
4:30 In Toronto - Like That - More of You - Here's Hopin' - I Shouldn't Be Here - Dangerous Levels of Introspection - If The World Was Ending - Tension - What Keeps Me From It - For Emilee - Line By Line - A Little Bit Yours - Sing Myself To Sleep


Release Date: December 10, 2021
Record Label: Arista