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Bob's Burgers // Music From The Bob's Burgers Movie (Yellow Vinyl)

Hollywood Records


Making their big screen debut, the ever-relatable Belcher Family faces an all-new catastrophe in this bold, brassy and bone-dry murder-mystery comedy adventure. With plenty of hilarity, heart and show-stopping musical numbers, The Bob’s Burgers Movie will deeply satisfy fans, while serving up a tasty treat for new adventures.

Release Date:  12/16/2022

Track Listing: 
  1. Sunny Side Up Summer
  2. Lucky Ducks
  3. The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee/My Burger Buns
  4. Opening, Six Years Ago
  5. No One Came in Today
  6. The Ride
  7. Emergency Kid Meeting
  8. Try to Look Like Alley Trash
  9. Treehouse Go
  10. Hes Here
  11. Tina You Go First
  12. Whats Felix Doing?
  13. Left at the Clown Head
  14. Brave Little Cart
  15. Go Burger People Go
  16. Would It Be Faster to Get Out and Walk
  17. These Friggin Ears
  18. The Mole Hill
  19. Sunny Side Up Summer (Instrumental)
  20. Lucky Ducks (Instrumental)

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