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Death Grips // The Powers That B (Opaque Red Vinyl)

Harvest Records

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Death Grips' landmark double 2015 album, available again on translucent red vinyl as a RAD Essential pressing!


Release Date:  9/23/2022

Track Listing
  1. Up My Sleeves
  2. Billy Not Really
  3. Black Quarterback
  4. Say Hey Kid
  5. Have a Sam Cum BB
  6. F**k Me Out
  7. Voila
  8. Big Dipper
  9. I Break Mirrors With My Face In the United States
  10. Inanimate Sensation
  11. Turned Off
  12. Why a Bitch Gotta Lie
  13. Pss Pss
  14. The Powers That B
  15. Beyond Alive
  16. Centuries of Damn
  17. On GP
  18. Death Grips 2.0

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