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Hostilities // NØ COWARDS (Blue Vinyl)

Bullet Tooth


Hostilities perfectly captures what the band sounds like – pure unadulterated, pissed-off hardcore. Their riffs are visceral, with drop-tuned chugging
breakdowns split between rattling blasts of speed. Vocalist Larissa Perrin brings the package together with her extreme bark that rivals some of the best
metal acts around. No Cowards, their forthcoming debut album on Bullet Tooth, will solidify the band as a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
Limited Indie Exclusive Blue LP.


Release Date: 6/24/2022 (Pushed From 4/15/2022)

Track Listing
  1. Afraid Of What
  2. Cornered
  3. Reap
  4. Quit Crunching
  5. Ringing
  6. Pigwig
  7. Heard
  8. Who To Call
  9. Make Your Mark

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