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Indigo De Souza // Any Shape You Take (Yellow Vinyl)

Saddle Creek


Faithful to its name, Any Shape You Take changes form to match the tenor of each story it tells. “The album title is a nod to the many shapes I take musically. I don’t feel that I fully embody any particular genre—all of the music just comes from the universe that is my ever-shifting brain/heart/world,” says Indigo. This sonic range is unified by Indigo’s strikingly confessional and effortless approach to songwriting, a signature first introduced in her debut, self-released LP, I Love My Mom.Written in quick succession, Indigo sees these two records as companion pieces, both distinct but in communion with each other: “Many of the songs on these two records came from the same season in my life and a certain version of myself which I feel much further from now.

Release Date:  8/27/2021

Track Listing
  1. 17
  2. Darker Than Death
  3. Die/Cry
  4. Pretty Pictures
  5. Real Pain
  6. Bad Dream
  7. Late Night Crawler
  8. Hold U
  9. Way Out
  10. Kill Me

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