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Mura Masa // Demon Time



Releasing on September 16, Demon Time signals a deeper period of reflection for Mura Masa. From its whispered introduction – “it’s demon time” – to its messy finish, Demon Time is a journey into the unknowns of the night and the quiet revelations you might stumble across along the way. There is a sense throughout of taking guests (and genres) into unfamiliar places and Mura Masa blurring the boundaries of the artist/producer dynamic into something more curatorial.


Release Date:  9/16/2022

Track Listing
  1. demon time
  2. bbycakes
  3. slomo
  4. 2gether
  5. up all week
  6. prada (i like it)
  7. hollaback bitch
  8. blessing me
  9. tonto
  10. e-motions
  11. blush

    Category: Album, Electronic, Mura Masa