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Soilwork // A Predator's Portrait (IEX) (Orange Vinyl)

Nuclear Blast America, Inc


Never released on vinyl in the US before, "A Predator's Portrait" is the third record from Sweden's Soilwork. Originally released in 2001 "A Predator's Portrait" was fundamental in defining the sound of the second wave of melodic death metal. Includes album cover poster in package!


Release Date:  3/25/2022

Track Listing
  1. Bastard Chain
  2. Like An Average Stalker
  3. Needlefeast
  4. Neurotica Rampage
  5. The Analyst
  6. Grand Failure Anthem
  7. Structure Divine
  8. Shadowchild
  9. Final Fatal Force
  10. A Predator's Portrait

    Category: Album, Heavy Metal, Soilwork