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This Ending // Needles Or Rust

Black Lion Records


2021 sees This Ending returning with a true melodic death metal masterpiece called "Needles of Rust". After drummer Fredrik Andersson´s (ex-AMON AMARTH, A CANOROUS QUINTET, NETHERBIRD) departure from the band, the decision was to continue as a quartet for the album. Replacing Fredrik behind the drums is the guitar player Peter Nagy, who´s also a drummer in several other projects such as the black metal act MÖRK GRYNING.


Release Date:  3/11/2022

Track Listing
  1. My Open Wound
  2. Annihilate
  3. Embraced By the Night
  4. Eclipse of the Dead
  5. A New Plight
  6. Needles of Rust
  7. Devastate
  8. Hell to Hell
  9. The Hunter (Bonus Track)

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