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Bobbie Gentry // The Girl From Chickasaw County (Highlights)

Capitol Nashville


Featuring highlights from the 2018 box set, The Girl From Chickasaw County – The Complete Capitol Masters, plus unreleased bonus material including an alternate take of “Sunday Best,” a demo of “Hurry, Tuesday Child,” an alternate version of “Mississippi Delta,” and many more. The 2 LP set has a 12” x 12” insert with liner notes and a selection of images used in the box set.


Release Date:  8/5/2022

Track Listing
  1. Ode To Billie Joe
  2. Chickasaw County Child
  3. Hurry, Tuesday Child
  4. Sunday Best
  5. Mississippi Delt
  6. Okolona River Bottom Band
  7. Refractions
  8. Courtyard
  9. Mornin' Glory
  10. Sweet Peony
  11. Casket Vignett
  12. Recollection
  13. Sittin' Pretty
  14. Hushabye Mountain
  15. The Conspiracy Of Home Jones
  16. Sunday Mornin'
  17. L It Be Me
  18. God Bless The Child
  19. This Girls In Love With You
  20. Touch Em' With Love
  21. Seasons Come, Seasons Go
  22. Glory Hallelujah, How They'll Sing
  23. Fancy
  24. He Made A Woman Out Of Me
  25. Circle 'Round the Sun
  26. Apartment 21
  27. Benjamin
  28. But I Can't Get Back
  29. Lookin' In
  30. Smoke
  31. Joanne
  32. The Girl From Cincinnati

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