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able machines // Pathological

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Los Angeles electro-pop duo able machines burst onto the music scene in 2019 with their first single “Secrets and Lies”, setting the blueprint of their unique
sound — coupling (often) dark lyrical imagery with concise pop hooks and melodies over electronic soundscapes. 2021 saw the release of their dynamic
debut album "Pathological", further cementing the foundation for their sonic style. Indie Exclusive LP.


Release Date:  4/15/2022

Track Listing
  1. Pathological
  2. Secrets and Lies
  3. Narcissist
  4. Anticipation
  5. Can You Keep A Secret
  6. Picture The End
  7. Mannequin
  8. Intentions
  9. Selfmachine
  10. Hope It Hurts (Blueprint)
  11. Pathological 1

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