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Jack Garratt // Phase

Interscope Records

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Type: Album

[ Overview ]

With Phase, Jack Garratt breathes new life into indie alternative music through a moving album of ambitious power, dynamic arrangements, and clever electronic interpretations. It is the debut album that demonstrates why Garratt is positioned to be music’s next great talent. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Garratt’s virtuosic abilities united with his craving for artistic excellence allows for him to develop profoundly introspective yet radio ready recordings.

Intelligent and succinct in its ambitions, Phase explores pulsing electronic environments with full attention to their emotional impact. In an existential track concerning growing old, Weathered brings the motif to life. The aortic beat carries the flow of the track, pulsing as Garratt’s deep, vitalic vocals plead for eternal youth: so keep me young, and call my bluffs - ultimately creating a carefully complex track that will stand the test of time. Worry is where Garratt’s emotional depth is taken to new heights. Touching base on the idea of how degrading obsession can be, especially when we force ourselves to need it - Garratt relates this idea to an unhealthy relationship with eloquent prose and pure R&B sensibilities. Weaving a trademark gritty growl and celestial falsetto, Garratt sings, “pick apart the pieces you left, don’t you worry about it…try and give yourself some rest, and let me worry about it, let me worry about it…” - nourishing our innermost selves, reminding us there is something greater, and letting us rest easy. Within intense fiery recordings there’s also a balance of yearning intimacy. Chemical is testament to this balance, all while being a paradoxical track of love battling against itself, damaged by self-destructive impulses. Garratt lays testament as he passionately sings, “My love is powerful, ruthless and unforgiving…it won’t think beyond itself…so don’t try to reason with my love.” With deep profundity and philosophic notions, Garratt relates previous heartbreak to his current immunity to love and inability to open his heart to others.

Overall, some moments feel like revelations while other moments hit disconsolately close to home. Virtuosic at its core, Phase is filled with stimulating impulses and a definitive underlying framework within each track: tension and release among stylish versus and choruses, all weaved around matters of the heart, which in the end, leave us fully satiated.

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[ Album Information ]
Black LP
- Track List -
Side A: Coalesce (Synesthesia Pt. II) - Breathe Life - Far Cry - Weathered - Worry - The Love You're Given
Side B: I Know All What I Do - Surprise Yourself - Chemical - Fire - Synesthesia Pt. III - My House Is Your Home


Release Date: April 29, 2016
Record Label: Interscope