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Louis the Child // Here For Now/Candy II (Clear/Dusty Pink 2 LP)



Here For Now is the debut full-length studio album from Chicago electronic duo Louis the Child, featuring songs such as “Big Love” with EARTHGANG and MNDR, “Little Things” with Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, "Every Color" with Foster the People, and "Free" with Drew Love, on Clear LP. This Special Edition Double LP vinyl also includes their Candy II beat tape on Dusty Pink LP with limited edition lithographs only available with the vinyl!

Release Date:  7/9/2021

Track Listing
  1. Scooter's Debut (Intro)
  2. Big Love
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Little Things
  5. We All Have Dreams
  6. Nobody Like You
  7. Don't Mind
  8. Every Color
  9. Get Together
  10. What A World
  11. La La La (Everything's Okay)
  12. Free
  13. We Are Here For Now
  14. Fade Away
  15. The Sh*t
  16. I See You
  17. The Boys Done Did It!
  18. Rado Rado
  19. I Had Just Woken Up From A Short Nap
  20. BODEGA
  21. Parashoes
  22. hey RAWB
  23. Keep Moving
  24. One More Time!
  25. oo ah eh ee
  26. Uhhh
  27. LIFT ME UP
  28. Starlights
  29. MORPH
  30. hi
  31. Classic LTC
  32. Fresh Juice
  33. Takeoff

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