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SG Lewis // AudioLust & HigherLove


Release Date:  1/27/2023


Sg Lewis' second album, AudioLust & HigherLove, shows the songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer creating an expansive and ambitious record made of two halves: on one end of the spectrum, he crafts the kind of nocturnal bangers that dancefloors, underground raves, pool parties, and festivals subsist on. On the other end, he accesses a higher level of timeless pop ecstasy anchored by just the right amount of breezy, hook-laden rock, organic instrumentation, and vocal eloquence. LP Packaging: 180-gram 2 LP in a gatefold sleeve

Track Listing
  1. Intro
  2. Infatuation
  3. Holding On
  4. Call on Me
  5. Oh Laura (Ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
  6. Missing You Another Life
  7. Fever Dreamer (Ft. Channel Tres & Charlotte Day Wilson)
  8. Epiphany
  9. Lifetime
  10. Plain Sailing
  11. Vibe Like This
  12. Different Light
  13. Something About Your Love
  14. Honest

    Category: Album, Dance, Electronic, SG Lewis