Brian Taylor & Marco Beltrami // Scream (Music From The Original Motio - Vinylmnky


Brian Taylor & Marco Beltrami // Scream (Music From The Original Motion Picture)




Black: Featured in a limited edition reflective mirror board jacket, the package to the killer new soundtrack for Scream is just as dynamic as the 14 tracks on this vinyl LP. Brian Tyler ranks as one of the Top Ten highest-grossing film composers of all time and has scored an impressive array of projects during his 25-year career, including several films in the Fast & Furious franchise, Crazy Rich Asians, Yellowstone, and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Red 4 LP: The first-ever box set for the Scream franchise’s original score features three hours of music, over 80% new to vinyl, with each of the four films getting a dedicated LP.  Each record is pressed on translucent red vinyl with black smoke, placed into heavy full-color sleeves, and then housed within a die-cut wraparound package that expands to a huge three feet x two image of the mask of Ghostface on the front and new notes with classic film still on the reverse. A must-own for Scream fans!


Release Date:  6/10/2022

Track Listing
  1. New Horizons
  2. Rules To Survive
  3. Amends
  4. History Repeats
  5. Suspects, Rules, And Requels
  6. In Hot Water
  7. Diversions
  8. Not My Story
  9. I Started All This
  10. The Expert
  11. Where It All Began
  12. True Fans
  13. Passing The Torch
  14. Ghostface

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