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AURORA // All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend


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Type: Album

[ Overview ]

At just nineteen years old, Aurora Aksnes, also known as AURORA, is an artist both at the beginning of her journey and at the apogee of fantastical enjoyment. Redefining her own normality via the wondrous and extraordinary, her music is filled with passion and is intrinsically moving in nature. It’s keenly identifiable. In her performances, the sincere visceral significance of her lyrics and themes resonate in her very being, bringing her to shakes and wild, un-choreographed movements. Even with lyrics originating from thoughts of loneliness, death and solitude; there’s a resolve towards magical realism and dreamy soundscapes emerge.

AURORA’s music thrives at both its most honest, unhindered, vulnerable moments and the moments filled with unabashed, ambitious power. In the center of pulsing heaviness, is a teenager with a dynamic voice and even better artistic sensibility. Within vivid lyrical imagery and shadowy sonics, AURORA immerses herself within the elements and paints idealistic realms of the natural and metaphysical worlds. Her impaired view of modern society metabolized into something of fantastical substance and feeds the core manifesto of her debut album. In Warrior, she’s a sword wielding soldier of love, battling the night to conquer the struggle of letting love back into her life. She intertwines serious and sophisticated real world issues of estrangement and loneliness within dreamy and beautiful realms. AURORA’s talent in songwriting and the weaving of thematic undertones with preternatural environments shows up strong in the opening track, Runaway. Her pure soprano navigates the listener on a hypnotic and allegorical journey through unrequited love while placing the listener in an uplifting ambiance.

Throughout the entire debut album, AURORA builds thrilling worlds that cut a perfect line between pure imagination and stark realities, providing the listener with dark introspection, but even more optimism on what’s to come. For Aurora Aksnes, this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come.

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[ Album Information ]
Black LP
- Track List -
Side A: Runaway - Conqueror - Running With the Wolves - Lucky - Winter Band - I Went Too Far
Side B: Through the Eyes of a Child - Warrior - Murder Song - Home - Under the Water - Black Water Lillies


Release Date: March 11, 2016
Record Label: Glassnote

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