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Bon Iver // I,I


2019 release, Bon Iver's most expansive, joyful and generous album to date. If For Emma, Forever Ago was the crisp, heart-strung isolation of a northern Winter; Bon Iver the rise and whirr of burgeoning Spring; and 22, A Million, a blistering, "crazy energy" Summer record, i, i completes the cycle: a fall record; Autumn-colored, ruminative, steeped. The autumn of Bon Iver is a celebration of self-acceptance and gratitude, bolstered by community and delivering the bounty of an infinite American music. The sales and accolades are well-known - multiple Gold albums, multiple Grammys, chart-topping collaborations and festival headlines. But even more significantly, with each release Bon Iver quietly shifts the state of modern music. From the boundaries of folk, to the rules of autotune, to production work for others, Bon Iver's fingerprint finds it's way across the mainstream every time. Vernon has always been a master collaborator, and on i, i that desire becomes maximal, with guests ranging from Moses Sumney and Bruce Hornsby to Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Here, the music - and band, and themes, and creative space - are bigger than ever.

Track Listing

  1. Yi

  2. Imi

  3. We

  4. Holyfields

  5. Hey, Ma

  6. U (Man Like)

  7. Naeem

  8. Jelmore

  9. Faith

  10. Marion

  11. Salem

  12. Sh'diah

  13. Rabi

Release Date:  8/30/2019

Category: Album, Bon Iver, Pop

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