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Bop English // Constant Bop

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Constant Bop is the debut record from Bop English, the new solo recording project from White Denim front-man James Petralli. In the making for over four years, Constant Bop is a widely collaborative project which features production from Jim Vollentine, 5th Street Studio's Ryan Joseph and Nick Joswick, as well as Matt Oliver of Big Orange Studios and the band TV Torso. Constant Bop is the result of years of persistence and determination, having been created in the same period of time that it took Petralli to finish two White Denim records. It is an album born of real studio magic? dozens of musicians contribute to it's ten tracks including White Denim's drummer Josh Block, guitarist Austin Jenkins and bass player Steve Terebecki, as well as former Shearwater bassist Kevin Schneider.

Track Listing

  1. Dani's Blues (It Was Beyond Our Control)
  2. Struck Matches
  3. Trying
  4. Have I Got It Wrong
  5. Fake Dog
  6. Willy Spends An Evening
  7. Sentimental Wilderness
  8. Falling at Your Feet
  9. The Hardest Way
  10. Long Distance Runner

Release Date: 4/14/2015

Category: Album, Bop English, Pop, Rock

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