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Julia Jacklin // Pre Pleasure (White Vinyl)

Polyvinyl Records

Release Date:  8/26/2022


Limited white colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes digital download. Pre Pleasure, the beautiful new full-length album from Australian native Julia Jacklin, finds the musician at her absolute peak, delivering ten of the most personal, raw, and devastating songs of her career. Featuring stand-outs such as "Lydia Wears A Cross," "Love, Try Not To Let Go," and the driving "I Was Neon," the album is a clear portrayal of Jacklin's captivating strength as a lyricist and her undeniable talents as one of the most gifted songwriters of the decade.


Track Listing
  1. Lydia Wears a Cross
  2. Love, Try Not to Let Go
  3. Ignore Tenderness
  4. I Was Neon
  5. Too in Love to Die
  6. Less of a Stranger
  7. Moviegoer
  8. Magic
  9. Be Careful with Yourself
  10. End of a Friendship

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