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Franc Moody // Into the Ether

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All the tunes on 'Into The Ether' deal with searching for something, the idea of reaching a promised land, leaving the wind and the rain to head off to sunnier climes and escape from the norm. The idea of something unattainable. Setting oneself free, and entering into the unknown and the journey that that entails. It's a journey many of us live day to day in a transient bubble. We visit new and alien lands everyday, meeting strange and surreal characters along the way. We have amazing, intense experiences on the way, like modern day explorers, frontiersmen, space explorers venturing out into the unknown. The longer we stay on the road the more our memory of home slowly fades. This is a metaphor for our mental/spiritual journey; it's not always easy, it's nerve wracking venturing into the unknown but there is growth to be gained from the excitement of new experiences. We as a group are a disparate set of characters drawn together by a collective aim. Our shared experiences forges a strong bond that overrides any differences we may have on the surface. That collective unity epitomises Franc Moody and we hope is the experience one gets at our live shows. The landscape we're trying to capture sonically is hugely influenced by the vast expanse of the desert. The scale of our orchestration will mirror this, think Lawrence of Arabia, Paris, Texas, Ennio Morricone. There's a scale to the orchestration that we're desperate to bring to this record, to bring an energy, a show that transcends boundaries. Romanticising tour life and putting it in glorious technicolour


Release Date:  9/2/2022

Track Listing
  1. Into the Ether
  2. Mass Appeal
  3. I'm in a Funk
  4. Raining in la (Intro)
  5. Raining in la
  6. The 7
  7. Here Comes the Drop
  8. Suspended Animation
  9. Cherry
  10. Something's Got Me
  11. In Transit

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