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Aaliyah // Aaliyah

Blackground Records

Release Date:  12/31/2023


Aaliyah is the self-titled third and final studio album by the "Queen of Urban Pop," Aaliyah. Originally released in 2001 by Blackground Records, the album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Cited by critics as one of the best R&B records of it's time, the album is a reflection of herself as both a young adult and matured vocalist. Standout tracks include "We Need A Resolution," "More Than A Woman," and "Rock The Boat."
Track Listing
  1. We Need a Resolution (Feat. Timbaland)
  2. Loose Rap (Feat. Static)
  3. Rock the Boat
  4. More Than a Woman
  5. Never No More
  6. I Care 4 U
  7. Extra Smooth
  8. Read Between the Lines
  9. U Got Nerve
  10. I Refuse
  11. It's Whatever
  12. I Can Be
  13. Those Were the Days
  14. What If
  15. Try Again

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