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Prinze George // Illiterate Synth Pop

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[ Overview ]

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, by way of Prince George’s County in Maryland, Prinze George has been carefully perfecting their craft since breaking on to the scene back in 2014. Comprised of Naomi Almquist (vocals), Kenny Grimm (production), and Isabelle De Leon (drums), Prinze George is an indie electro band that makes swoon worthy synth pop of substance.

The name Illiterate Synth Pop shares a similar origin story to the way the French duo who make tracks that are “a daft punky thrash” came about. After releasing their second single, Victor, a blogger reposted the song with the headline “Illiterate synth pop” as a way of teasing the band’s misspelled name – and it stuck. As indie pop as Illiterate Synth Pop’s style is defined, the album and songs have pure substance and an even wider range. The album has its genuine, unadulterated, tracks rooted in pop sensibility such as Freeze and This Time, while still managing to awaken pure emotion. While Freeze evokes dance-inducing positivity with an up tempo, techno vibe and a thunderous drum beat, the track tackles the story of a suffering relationship through a plea to sustain the cold hardships. As Almquist’s distinctive vocals plead, “Freeze together, breathe together, ride together. It’s better that way” the intent of the track is clear: if you’re going to take risks in life and dive into the unknown, you might as well do it together, and that the experiences of fear, joy, and sadness are better when shared. It’s a theme throughout the entire album, facing adversity, darkness, and the unknown, head on. The album also has its share of slow burning, emotion laden pop tracks. It’s showcased in tracks like Make Me, where the structural simplicity paired with lyrical complexity provide a swoon worthy track full of depth. The ethereal electro-pop sounds harmonize with the captivating Almquist as she sings of the exhaustion of unrequited love. The combination of an effervescent melody and sweeping synth-textures, all held up by empowering verses, emphasizes the message of patient provocations with the utmost precision.

Illiterate Synth Pop is the compelling introduction into the dynamic world of Prinze George. It’s skillful, charming, and captivatingly driven by dramatic purposefulness with emotional clarity. This isn’t pop superficiality, this is pop with force, and Prinze George proves it can still exist.

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[ Album Information ]
180g White LP
- Track List -
Side A: Move It - Kisses - Freeze - Wait Up - Make Me
Side B: This Time - Angels - The Water Main - Gonna Get You Out - Lights Burn Out


Release Date: August 5, 2016
Record Label: Sounds Expensive