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Abraham // Debris De Mondes Perdus

Pelagic Records


The end result is an album that is as rough, ugly and brute as it gets. Abraham have taken conscious distance to the polished, metallic side of post metal, in favor of a more rock-oriented, gritty and less produced sound. However, these are not glorious singalong rock anthems, but utterly raw, dissonant, abrasive and clinking cold compositions, in the most refreshing and invigorating sense of these words.

Release Date:  2/25/2022

Track Listing
  1. Verminvisible
  2. Blood Moon, New Alliance
  3. Maudissements
  4. Ravenous is the Night
  5. Our Words Born in Fire
  6. Fear Overthrown
  7. A Celestial Funeral
  8. Black Breath (Feat. Emilie Zoe)

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