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Avey Tare // Down There



'Down There' is a world of nine new songs from Animal Collective's Avey Tare. His first official solo full length carries you through a murky world of sound, an alien death world of soul grooves that is both honest and otherworldly. Wait for sundown and turn it up loud. Take a ride on this haunted boat and let yourself be guided through deep sloshy rhythms, waterlogged bass, and moonlit breaks in the canopy that reveal a crisp crystalline pop buzz.

Release Date:  9/17/2021

Track Listing
  1. 3 Umbrellas
  2. Oliver Twist
  3. Glass Bottom Boat
  4. Ghost Of Books
  5. Cemeteries
  6. Heads Hammock
  7. Heather In Hospital
  8. Lucky 1

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