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Donna Cannone // Donna Cannone (Recycled Color LP)

Despotz Records


Donna Cannone started when Giorgia Carteri, Tilda Nilke Nordlund (both ex-Thundermother members) and their friend and bass player Luca D’Andria
got together to jam on a few ideas at the beginning of 2019. Björn Strid (Soilwork’s and Night Flight Orchestra’s frontman) soon joined the gang, intrigued
by their enthusiasm and the possibility to express himself as a lead guitarist. Indie Exclusive Recycled Random Color LP.


Release Date:  5/27/2022

Track Listing
  1. Cross The Line
  2. Look Around You
  3. Nothing To Do
  4. Whatever Comes Your Way
  5. Is It True
  6. Pushed
  7. Lost City's Long Lost Friend
  8. Message to tomorrow
  9. The North
  10. Why Am I Here

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