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The Cars // Moving In Stereo: The Best of the Cars

Warner Music Group


Limited double 180 gram vinyl LP pressing. 2016 collection from the rock/new wave outfit. This compilation is produced by the band, with all surviving members contributing to song selection. Leader Ric Ocasek also supervised digital remastering of all the audio with Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. The collection features the band's big hits along with a rare, single mix for "I'm Not The One", as well as a live version of "Everything You Say", and a new mix by producer Philippe Zdar of "Sad Song", a track from the band's last album, 2011's Move Like This. Includes "Just What I Needed", "Tonight She Comes", "Let's Go", "You Might Think", "Drive" and many more.

Track Listing

  1. Hello Again
  2. Looking for Love
  3. Magic
  4. Drive
  5. Stranger Eyes
  6. You Might Think
  7. It's Not the Night (writers: Ocasek, Greg Hawkes)
  8. Why Can't I Have You
  9. I Refuse
  10. Heartbeat City (titled Jacki on the original US cassette release[10])
  11. Hello Again (remix version)
  12. Drive (demo)
  13. One More Time (early version of Why Can't I Have You)
  14. Baby I Refuse (early version of I Refuse)
  15. Jacki (early version of Heartbeat City)
  16. Breakaway (B-side of Why Can't I Have You)
  17. Tonight She Comes

Release Date: 5/6/2016

Category: Album, Rock, The Cars

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