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BRONCHO // Just Enough Hip To Be Woman (Magenta Vinyl)

The Orchard

Release Date:  TBD (pushed from 3/4/2022) This will be updated once the record label provides the new release date. 


(Colored Vinyl, Magenta) Opening the record are the undeniable jams “What” and “Class Historian”, bearing the influence of bands like Cheap Trick for two cohesive examples of power pop-minded garage rock. With the notable exceptions of “Stay Loose”, “China”, and to a lesser extent “I’m Gonna Find Out Where He’s At” — songs with dreamy, new wave-tinged atmosphere — the rest of the album stays in that snappy and smirking garage pop realm. The closer, “China”, hints at an emotional core that’s largely ignored on the rest of the album, with a krauty post-punk ominousness and an effective, atmospheric guitar jam. On that track, there’s an edge and gritty, ambitious guitar work that’s missing in the other offerings.

Track Listing
  1. What
  2. Class Historian
  3. Deena
  4. Stay Loose
  5. NC-17
  6. I'm Gonna Find Out Where He's At
  7. Stop Tricking
  8. Taj Mahal
  9. It's On
  10. Kurt
  11. China

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