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Currents // The Place I Feel Safest

Sharptone Records

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CURRENTS is the new standard for death-infused metalcore. This is emotionally fraught and impossibly angry music soaked in the cold, depressive atmosphere. CURRENTS explore the forbidden realms of a tortured psyche, searching for meaning amidst uncertain chaos and venom. Heartache, physical abuse, abandonment, trauma -no dark emotion is spared examination.

Clear w/ Red and Black Splatter Release Date:  8/28/2020

Blood Red w/ Black Splatter Release Date:  10/2/2020 

Track Listing


  1.  Apnea
  2. Tremor
  3. Night Terrors
  4. Delusion
  5. Withered
  6. Dreamer
  7. Forget Me
  8. The Place I Feel Safest
  9. Silence
  10. Best Memory
  11. Another Life
  12. I'm Not Waiting 
  13. Shattered

Category: Album, Currents, Rock

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