FAQ - vinylmnky




What's in the box?!

Each month, our members land the following:

  • One breakthrough record of the month
  • Custom add on specific to the artist and album
  • Original write up of the breakthrough album
  • Members only discount to our Marketplace of additional Breakthrough Albums with custom artist add ons, gear, turntables and other sweet merch.


Wait, who picks the add-ons?

Each month, we work with artists, their record labels and management teams and lend complete creative control to the artists and their team to decide on custom add-ons they would like to provide to vinylmnky Tribe Members.

Can I swap my BROTM for another album?

Absolutely! Every month Tribe members can choose to swap out the Breakthrough Record with ANY record on our store. Just log into your account and click "BROTM Swap". If the swapped album costs more than your membership, we will charge you the difference for that month.

Who is picking the Breakthrough Records?

We've got a team of taste-makers who are well versed in all genres of music, making sure each album is carefully vetted before we deem it acceptable to send to our Tribe. You'll be receiving new albums that define the trend of the music trajectory and will only bolster your current collection.

How much is membership?

There's no difference in the packages different membership plans receive, so don't worry. We've got three membership plans to choose from:

Monthly Membership: $29.99 per month

    • Renews month by month.
    • Shipping costs are already included in the membership price.

Six Month Membership: $27.99 per month

    • Renews every six months.
    • Shipping costs are already included in the membership price.
    • Saves our members 7%

Twelve Month Membership: $24.99 per month

    • Renews every year.
    • Shipping costs are already included in the membership price.
    • Saves our members 17%
What if I get a record I already have or don't vibe with?

Even if you already have the particular album on vinyl, you don't have the full vinylmnky experience behind it. When you get a package from vinylmnky, the record is only one part of it, the experience is what our Tribe members are here for.

We also fully believe in George Costanza's philosophy of re-gifting (as long as you haven't opened up the goods)! LPs make wonderful gifts, especially the exclusive packages we are providing.

If you don't vibe with the album, give it another shot and try listening to it, again. We curate the top albums of the genres and promise you've got a record sure to bolster your collection.

Do you send outside of the United States?

Heck yes we do!

Can I gift a membership to a lucky person?

Without a doubt. The gift of music is an exceptional one. 
See our Gift Membership selection. When checking out, make sure to include their information we we can get this stellar gift to them!

Can I see what you've sent out before?

Absolutely. Check it out, here.

Do you have a marketplace for other exclusive albums with artist add ons?

We do - check out our Album Marketplace.



Okay. I'm a member, when do I get my first LP?!

If you've signed up before the end of the month, your record should be on it's way!

If you signed up after the specified cut off date for the month, and the Breakthrough Record of the Month is still available, it'll be on your way soon! If we do not have any more of the BROTM, your first package will come in the following month.

Where's my record?!

On the way to your doorstep, we promise. If you haven't received a shipping code yet or have and still need to know where that sweet package is, email us at info@vinylmnky.com.

How do I update all my account information?

Sign in to your account on the top right of this browser and edit away!

Do I get a discount on marketplace items?

Absolutely. All of our members that have active plans get their own discount of 15% on all albums. 

How do I pause my membership?

Uh oh!

Hop into your account to message us or shoot us an email over at info@vinylmnky.com. In the event of cancellation before the full term, the member will be charged based on the rate of the term they were under.