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11/5 // A-1 Yola (Neon Orange Vinyl)



A-1 Yola is the second album by rap group 11/5. It was originally released on July 23, 1996, for Dogday Records, and produced by Premiere Music (Reggie Smith, T.C. and Race). A-1 Yola did better on the charts than the group's previous album, Fiendin' 4 tha Funk, peaking at #33 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #22 on the Top Heatseekers.


Release Date:  7/15/2022

Track Listing
  1. Intro (Billy 'Tha Studio Danksta' Jam)
  2. Hate to See Me Have Shit
  3. The 'Nade'
  4. I Got Bitchez
  5. Milk-A-Bitch
  6. My Hoe'z Name is Nina (Feat. Baldhead Rick)
  7. Dope Tales
  8. The 'G' That I Be (Feat. Dush Tray, Fly Nate That Banksta, & Big Mack)
  9. Slangin' Dope
  10. 3 Grams of Right
  11. My N***a Told You 
  12. When I Be All Alone
  13. My Hustle
  14. 115 CC's - the Injection (Feat. Big mack, Baby Menace & T-Lowe)

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