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Alvvays // Blue Rev (Marbled Blue Vinyl)

Polyvinyl Records

Release Date:  10/7/2022


Alvvays' third album, the nervy joyride that is the compulsively lovable Blue Rev, doesn't simply reassert what's always been great about Alvvays but instead reimagines it. They have, in part and sum, never been better.


Track Listing
  1. Pharmacist
  2. Easy on Your Own?
  3. After the Earthquake
  4. Tom Verlaine
  5. Pressed
  6. Many Mirrors
  7. Very Online Guy
  8. Velveteen
  9. Tile By Tile
  10. Pomeranian Spinster
  11. Belinda Says
  12. Bored in Bristol
  13. Lottery Noises
  14. Fourth Figure

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