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Amanda Rheaume // The Spaces In Between

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Amanda Rheaume’s rootsy, guitar-driven ballads introduce crucial dimensions to the world of Heartland Rock. In a genre characterized by anthems of underdogs, assumptions, and unfair advantages, Rheaume’s sound and story radically expand boundaries - geographic and cultural - to make space for new perspectives on resistance and resilience. A citizen of the Métis Nation and a proudly active member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, Rheaume’s music is indeed from the heart and from the land.


Release Date:  5/27/2022

Track Listing
  1. The Spaces In Between
  2. Interlude 1
  3. 100 Years (Remastered 2021)
  4. Death Of The American Dream
  5. Interlude 2
  6. Do About Her
  7. Maybe You Do
  8. This Love
  9. Interlude 3
  10. Right By Your Side
  11. Supposed To Be
  12. Interlude 4
  13. All Sides Of Me