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Ariel Pink // Scared Famous/FF>>



Considering the enthralling series of releases Ariel Pink released as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti in the late 90s and early 00s, Scared Famous/FF>> occupies a special place. The album is often the fan favorite, the kind of definitive artistic statement that rewards repeat listens and yet always surprises. Twenty years later, as the album returns in an expanded, carefully remastered form (its first release in true stereo), it sounds as fresh, disturbing, and energizing as ever.

Release Date:  1/21/2021

Track Listing
  1. Intro / Where Does The MInd Go?
  2. Politely Declined
  3. The Kitchen Club
  4. Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?
  5. Beverly Kills
  6. Girl In A Tree
  7. Why Can't I Be Me?
  8. Talking All of the Time
  9. Passing the Petal To You
  10. Beefbud
  11. Privacy
  12. 22 Eyes
  13. Scared Famous
  14. The Lament of Edward Boggles
  15. Baby COmes Around
  16. Jesus Christ Came To Me In A Dream
  17. Birds in My Tree
  18. An Appeal from Heaven
  19. Inmates of Heartache
  20. The List
  21. May the Music Never Day
  22. Howling At The Moon
  23. In A Tomb of All Your Own
  24. Deathcrush 99
  25. Gopacapulco

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