Bad Religion // Recipe for Hate (Anniversary Edition, Tigers Eye Vinyl)

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Release Date:  7/28/2023


Bad Religion's "Recipe For Hate"  showcases a wide array of musical genres, ranging from the politically-charged title track to the country-infused "Man With A Mission." The album boasts Graffin's iconic punk rock vocals and includes guest appearances from Eddie Vedder, Johnette Napolitano, John Wahl, and Chris Bagarozzi. The lyrics of the album delve into pressing societal issues like alcoholism, abortion, and homelessness, providing a poignant critique of the state of the nation. In honor of the album's 30th anniversary, it has been reissued on limited edition Tigers Eye Translucent vinyl.

Track Listing
  1. Side A
  2. Recipe for Hate
  3. Kerosene
  4. American Jesus
  5. Portrait of Authority
  6. Man with a Mission
  7. All Good Soldiers
  8. Watch It Die
  9. Side B
  10. Struck a Nerve
  11. My Poor Friend Me
  12. Lookin' in
  13. Don't Pray on Me
  14. Modern Day Catastrophists
  15. Skyscraper
  16. Stealth

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