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Badflower // This Is How The World Ends (2 LP)



Since their emergence in 2014, Badflower has notched 3 #1’s off their critically-acclaimed debut album, OK, I’M SICK, scored the iHeart Rock Song of 2020 with “Ghost,” and went Top 5 with their hit “30.” Wielding their signature energy, the music taps into a gritty and grungy gutter rock spirit complemented by jarring theatrical delivery and unshakable riffing. The band’s latest single “F*ck The World” is Top 10 and climbing. This Is How The World Ends marks Badflower’s long-awaited sophomore album.

Release Date:  9/24/2021

Track Listing
  1. Adolescent Love
  2. Fukboi
  3. Family
  4. Johnny Wants To Fight
  5. Stalker
  6. Everyone’s An Asshole
  7. She Knows
  8. Only Love
  9. Sasshole
  10. Don’t Hate Me
  11. Tethered
  12. Machine Gun
  13. My Funeral

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