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Baxter Dury // Mr Maserati 2001 - 2021

Harmonia Mundi


Following Baxter Dury's autobiography release, Chaise Longue, Heavenly Recordings reelases Mr Maserati 2001 - 2021, a best of compilation. Two decades and six albums of Baxter Dury's louche sardonic music fearuting late-night London snapshots, shuffling basslines, comedown disco tunes, seedy bleakness and sweet love for humanity are collected. This set also includes a new song, "D.O.A.", which was co-written with his son Kosmo and which gives a gorgeous glimpse of what Baxter might get up to in the next decade or two. "I don't really think I warrant a 'best of' album," says Dury, but he's quietly built a back catalogue of absolute beauties.


Release Date:  6/10/2022

Track Listing
  1. Miami
  2. I'm Not Your Dog
  3. Leak at the Disco
  4. Cocaine Man
  5. Palm Trees
  6. Oi
  7. Oscar Brown
  8. Claire
  9. Other Men's Girls
  10. Carla's Got a Boyfriend
  11. Prince of Tears
  12. D.O.A.

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