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beabadoobee // Beatopia (Green Vinyl)


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Formed in the imagination of a 7-year-old beabadoobee and carried with her ever since Beatopia is a fantastical yet deeply personal world that houses her most impressive work to date. Marking a huge progression, in 14 songs she traverses fuzzy rock, classic singer/songwriter, psychedelia, Midwest emo, and outright pop whilst remaining undeniably herself throughout. Indie Exclusive Green LP with fold-out poster.


Release Date:  7/15/2022

Track Listing
  1. Beatopia Cultsong
  2. 10:36
  3. Sunny day
  4. See you Soon
  5. Ripples
  6. the perfect pair
  7. broken cd
  8. Talk
  9. Lovesong
  10. Pictures of Us
  11. fairy song
  12. Don't get the deal
  13. tinkerbell is overrated
  14. You're here that's the thing

    Category: Album, Alternative, Beabadoobee, Rock