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Benny Sings // Art (Clear White)

Sings Records

Release Date:  1/27/2023


On July 8 Benny Sings will release the reissue of his highly anticipated and most sought after 2011 album 'ART'. The vinyl album is completely remastered and comes with a new, never releases bonus track 'How Can I Move On'. The vinyl comes with a 20-page songbook on clear white 180-gram vinyl. The album includes the evergreen 'Big Brown Eyes' & 'All We Do For Love' which was heavily supported by Frank Ocean on his Blonde playlist. 

Track Listing
  1. Big Brown Eyes
  2. Canwetry
  3. Honeybee
  4. Realize
  5. Allwedoforlove
  6. Thisisasamba
  7. Dreams
  8. Eachother
  9. Downstream
  10. Oneii
  11. Howcanimoveon

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